Johnny Beas

Licensed Private Investigator Associate and (Armed) Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) – Greensboro Division, High Point – Winston-Salem.

Johnny joined the NC Protection Group, (d.b.a. Private Eyes, Inc.) in August of 2019. Johnny also serves as an armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) possessing his North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit, United States Army “retired” identification. He was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant and supervised over 100 personnel.

Johnny previously served as a US Army Ranger, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Team Leader, Military Intelligence Human Intelligence gathering specialist, Instructor, (training military police personnel) and Psychological Operations and Civil Affairs specialist for (26) years (1988 – 2016). During this time he conducted special operations, counter narcotics operations working along side the DEA, the ATF and local law enforcement agencies along the US/Mexico border. Johnny also currently serves as a government and military contractor, assists in the training of military Special Operations units in counter terrorism operations, hostage rescue operations, building clearing operations.  He also assists in the training of federal agencies such as the FBI, Secret Service and NSA in vehicle and dismounted surveillance and counter surveillance and still holds a Secret Security Clearance.

Additional Training:

⦁ Unarmed and Armed Security Guard Certification Course | North Carolina Private Protective Services Board (2018)

⦁ North Carolina Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) Course (2018)

⦁ Observer/Controller Trainer Course

⦁ Personnel Safety Manager Course including Risk Assessment/Management

⦁ Senior Leadership Development Course

⦁ US Army Ranger School

⦁ Surveillance/Counter Surveillance Leaders Course

⦁ EMT and Combat Life Saver Course with Basic CPR