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Boasting an impressive track record spanning over 25 years, Private Eyes Inc. has successfully resolved hundreds of Child Custody cases. This extensive experience sets us apart as seasoned professionals who fully comprehend the gravity of each case.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere experience. We consistently update our methods, strategies, and technology, ensuring a continuously improving success rate. When you choose Private Eyes Inc., you’re selecting a team dedicated to staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of investigative techniques.

Our team is led by Gary Pastor, who brings a wealth of qualifications and a robust background. As a former Sworn Law Enforcement Officer for the Greenville (NC) Police Department and a proud Marine Corps Veteran, Gary’s unwavering commitment to justice is evident. Holding full licensure as a Private Investigator, with both personal and business licenses issued by the esteemed Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB), Gary is a seasoned professional in the field.

Notably, Gary is also an armed Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) with over 30 years of experience, backed by a valid NC Concealed Carry Permit. His dedication to upholding the law is further exemplified by completing the NC Private Protective Services Board (NCPPSB) Armed Certification Course.

Gary’s Expertise:

Gary’s extensive experience extends to the practical application of laws related to child custody, including areas such as child endangerment/child abuse, domestic violence, and juvenile law. Recognizing the sensitivity of these issues, Gary adopts a hands-on approach, personally participating in and overseeing all child custody investigations.

Why Choose Private Eyes Inc.?

At Private Eyes Inc., we understand that a child custody investigation is a serious matter with far-reaching implications for your children’s well-being. Our team is not only committed to doing everything legally permissible to gather the evidence you need but also to ensuring that this evidence is presented effectively in your child custody motion before a Family Court.

For a consultation that is both FREE and confidential, call the specialists at Private Eyes Inc. now at 866-PRI-EYES (774-3937). Trust us to be your allies in navigating the legal landscape and securing the evidence you need to succeed in your child custody case. The Private Eyes Inc. team is willing to do anything legally permissible to gather the evidence you need for your case, which, in turn, will be used by your attorney to succeed in your child custody motion before a Family Court.

Private Eyes Inc. proudly serves private citizens, attorneys and businesses Statewide across North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and many other states. NC Private Investigator License #2664. Reciprocal with California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (Issued by NCPPSB and NCDPS).

We Work Closely With You & Your Attorney During your Child Custody Investigation. Child Custody Private Investigators get the facts necessary during a child custody investigation will assist your attorney in any motions before the court. Relevant issues include:

  • Legal child custody
  • Primary residential child custody
  • Shared child custody
  • Physical child custody
  • Joint custody
  • Visitation rights

Any information uncovered during an investigation can be used to substantiate allegations of child neglect and abuse, which can result in the non-offending parent obtaining full custody of the child. During an investigation, the child custody investigators at Private Eyes Inc. can uncover all manner of background information such as DUI charges, criminal records, and other relevant information through comprehensive background searches. Such background investigations will be done with the intention of preventing further child abuse, neglect, or endangerment. Private Eyes Inc. proudly serves private citizens, attorneys, and businesses.

Child neglect investigations:

Many child custody cases are heated and involve allegations from both sides lodged against each other. Having a private investigator can help tilt the evidence in one direction. A private investigator can perform a number of investigative functions to gather the information necessary to prove the client’s claims.

A child custody investigation examines the child’s well-being and treatment in an objective manner. A private investigator may assess the treatment of a child by the parents in question and present this information to the court with a report.

During a child custody investigation, the investigator at Private Eyes Inc. may conduct surveillance to get a better idea of how the parent treats his or her child when he or she does not know about any monitoring going on. Specialists will document any instances of abuse or neglect by taking pictures or making audio or visual recordings of the parent interacting with the child. Some of the elements that we may try to include in his or her surveillance include reckless driving, criminal activity, gambling, drug abuse or other activities that may have a negative impact on the children. Additionally, we will look for any signs that the parent is not providing a safe and hygienic living space, food or necessities.

Understanding Child Custody

During a child custody investigation, it is important for the parent hiring the private investigator to understand the different types of child custody. Legal custody refers to the right to make legal decisions on behalf of the child. Physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child will live. Either type of custody may be sole or joint custody. Sole custody means that one parent has the primary role in the child’s life. Joint means that the parents share the responsibility of the type of custody that is at stake.

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Different Roles: A private investigator often plays many different roles in a child custody investigation, including the following:

Interview Witnesses

A Child Custody private investigator of Private Eyes Inc. may interview witnesses who may be involved in the child’s life, including neighbors, teachers, counselors, parents of friends and other individuals.

Asset Search

Another important role that a private investigator has is to find assets that may be hidden. If the private investigator can find evidence of this nature, the client can argue that the other parent is attempting to shirk his or her financial obligations to the child.

Gathering Evidence

Before a specialist at Private Eyes Inc. begins work on the project, he or she generally meets with the client to determine what type of information may be relevant to the case. For example, a parent may know that the other parent hires a babysitter during his or her scheduled time with the child. The person may want evidence that the other party has a romantic partner living with him or her and present during times with the children. Additionally, a private investigator may gather evidence of the parent’s drug or alcohol use when he or she is responsible for the children. In some situations, a private investigator may be able to show that the parent is neglecting or abusing the children.

In other situations, the parent may be concerned about what the other parent is doing during scheduled visits. He or she may be allowing the children to be up late at night and the child’s grades may suffer as a consequence. A Child Custody private investigator at Private Eyes Inc. may take high quality pictures or video of the other parent. These pictures and videos are often taken in public places to avoid any privacy violation claims. Such locations may be in the front yard, park, grocery store or other locations where there is no expectation of privacy.

Background Checks

A private investigator may also check the criminal and personal background of the other parent and people that he or she has involved in the child’s life.

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Reasons to Hire a Child Custody Private Investigator

There are several considerations to factor in when thinking about hiring a private investigator. A primary reason why people hire a private investigator is because they are concerned about the child’s safety. If a parent is concerned that the other parent is unfit but may have difficulty showing this to the court, a private investigator can help. He or she knows the legal requirements regarding evidence and can provide testimony and other objective evidence in court. In other instances, it is revealed that the other parent is not unfit and the hiring parent can get peace of mind.

In other situations, a parent may be falsely accused of abuse or neglect and a private investigator will be able to show the falsity of such allegations.

Making and Screening Reports of Child Abuse and Neglect All 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have laws and policies that specify procedures for making and responding to reports of suspected child abuse or neglect. These laws require certain professionals, known as mandated reporters, to make an immediate report when they suspect or know of abusive or neglectful situations. (For more information about the requirements for these individuals to report, see Child Welfare Information Gateway’s Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect at State laws and policies also specify the required content of reports, criteria for screening reports, investigation procedures, timeframes for completing investigations, and classification of investigative findings. Many states also have special procedures for handling child fatalities and substance-exposed children.

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Service Areas – Licenses – Certifications – Affiliations:

Private Eyes Inc. proudly serves private citizens, attorneys and businesses Statewide across North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and many other states. NC Private Investigator License #2664. Reciprocal with California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (Issued by NCPPSB and NCDPS).

  • Armed Registration for Private Investigator. Issued by NC PPSB and NCDPS
  • NC Concealed Weapons Permit for over 30 years
  • American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED, and Auto Injector
  • US Passport
  • NC Notary Public
  • Member of USCCA – United States Concealed Carry Association
  • SCALI – South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators
  • COAL – Coalition of Association Leaders
  • ASIS – Member of American Society for Industrial Security
  • USCCA – Member of United States Concealed Carry Association
  • DAV – Member of the Disabled American Veterans

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NC Private Investigator License #2664. Reciprocal with California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (Issued by NCPPSB and NCDPS)

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