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Our expert Handwriting Analysis Services provide various reports, including Forensic Handwriting Reports, Document Analysis Reports, Statement Analysis Reports, Signature Analysis and Forgery Examination, Handwriting Threat Assessment, and Suicide Note Analysis. These reports provide valuable insights into the psychological profile of the writer, authenticity of documents, truthfulness of statements, and potential risks. Private Eyes Inc. understands the importance of every stroke of the pen and helps clients make informed decisions.

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Our expert handwriting analyst Ms. Woodward is a private investigator, former CIA Intelligence Officer, and educator. Her experience includes over a decade in the intelligence community conducting clandestine operations, evaluating intelligence, conducting surveillance detection, and debriefing sources. As a handwriting analyst, Ms. Woodward received her training from the British Academy of Graphology and is a member of the American Handwriting Analysis Association. She has conducted handwriting analyses for over 20 years to include threat assessments for Forbes 400 clients, cold case murder investigations, and private clients.

Forensic Handwriting Report

Our Forensic Handwriting Analysis Reports are indispensable tools in investigations where understanding the psychological profile of the writer is paramount. Whether it’s child custody cases, surrogate parenting/adoption matters, spousal abuse inquiries, or criminal investigations, our reports unravel the intricate connections between handwriting and personality traits, emotions, and psychological states.

Document Analysis Report

When authorship of a document is in question, our Document Analysis Reports meticulously examine every stroke, curve, and punctuation mark to ascertain the true identity of the author. With our expertise in handwriting analysis, we uncover subtle nuances that may reveal the authenticity or falsity of the document in question.

Statement Analysis Report

In legal proceedings or private investigations, truthfulness is paramount. Our Statement Analysis Reports serve as an additional tool to scrutinize written statements taken during attorney depositions or private investigator interviews. Through careful examination of language patterns and linguistic cues, we provide insights into the veracity of the statements provided.

Signature Analysis and Forgery Examination

Determining the authenticity of signatures is crucial in many legal and personal matters. Our Signature Analysis and Forgery Examination services are invaluable in discerning whether a signature has been forged. By comparing multiple samples of handwriting, we uncover inconsistencies and irregularities that may indicate fraudulent activity.

Handwriting Threat Assessment

When threats are made in writing, understanding the intent and psychological state of the individual is paramount. Our Handwriting Threat Assessment service provides insights into the writer’s motives, emotions, and potential risks. With our expertise, we help clients navigate challenging situations and make informed decisions.

Suicide Note Analysis

For families seeking closure in the wake of a loved one’s tragic death, our Suicide Note Analysis offers invaluable insights. Research shows that suicidal intent often manifests in handwriting, and our trained analysts can discern subtle clues that may shed light on the circumstances surrounding the death.

At Private Eyes Inc., we understand the importance of every stroke of the pen. Trust us to unravel the mysteries hidden within handwriting and provide you with the clarity and understanding you seek. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in your investigation journey.

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