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- Private Eyes, Inc. GreenvillePerfectFive Star Review by T F

- Domestic Surveillance Investigations North Carolina

- Private Eyes, Inc. GreenvilleExceptional5 Star Review by Cecelia T

- Private Eyes, Inc. GreenvilleWonderful5 Star Review by Donald R

- Private Eyes Surveillance

Used them to find a lost relative of over 40 years. With limited information they found my relative in two weeks. Best private eye firm around!! Fast, Friendly, and Cost Efficient.

- M. Nicholson Missing Persons & Locates

Private Eyes Inc is absolutely the BEST at what they do. I never had to call a PI in my lifetime and with my research I am so glad I chose Private Eyes. I had some very embarrassing and hurtful circumstances that I was going through. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. Right from the first call Private Eyes made me feel comfortable talking with them. They showed compassion for me and the pain I was going through. Private Eyes worked as a team to quickly get started on my case and always kept me informed of what they had done and what they planned to do. Private Eyes will not prolong your case to get more money, they jump on it and get it done. They have highly trained personnel that are very capable and up to date high technology that gets the job done quickly, professionally and legally. Everything you get from Private Eyes is legal and will hold up in court. I highly recommend Private Eyes, Inc. They are truly the people you can trust!

- L. Woolard Domestic Investigations

Professionalism at work.

- Mitch Lash Executive Protection

I highly recommend Private Eyes for any investigative need you have. They are very thorough and professional and get results quickly. Their investigators will work around the clock to investigate your case and they have the tools and resources to find what you are looking for. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in their work.

- D. Miller Background Investigations