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The Key to Security is being Proactive! Previous Law Enforcement & Military Veteran Owned and Operated since 1999.
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Elevate Your Security with Workplace Protection Specialists

A Workplace Protection Specialist, commonly known as Private Security, is your frontline defense against potential threats to your business. If you harbor concerns about questionable employees or security breaches, partner with Private Eyes, Inc., affiliated with NC Protection Group, to fortify the safety of your property, investments, and business premises.

Founded by Gary Pastor, a seasoned Law Enforcement professional and Military Veteran with over 25 years of experience in Private Security and Protection, our team of specialists stands ready to assist you in securing all aspects of your business. We prioritize your peace of mind by ensuring trust in your employees and associates. Our comprehensive approach involves a thorough examination of your security and IT systems to identify vulnerabilities.

Workplace Protection Specialists and Security are essential across various industries, encompassing large infrastructures, construction sites, gas pipeline risk assessments, and more. Our agents, team, and tailored plans cater to diverse needs, whether in retail, construction, warehouse, hospitals, or other venues. Beyond on-location security services, we excel in crafting comprehensive security plans to leave no aspect overlooked.

Why Choose Us?

Proactive Approach: We believe in proactive security measures to identify and address weak points before they become incidents.

Expert Assessment: Our Workplace Protection Specialist teams are comprised of experts trained to evaluate security needs based on site layout/size, client demographics, location, hours of operation, and more.

Tailored Solutions: From large infrastructures to retail spaces, we have the experience and staff to tailor security solutions to meet your unique needs.

Contact a protection specialist now: 919-886-NCPG (6274) or 866-PRI-EYES (774-3937)

Choose Private Eyes, Inc. and NC Protection Group as your partners in security. Let us be the key to safeguarding your products, sites, and customers with precision and expertise.

The Experts of Private Eyes Inc. & NC Protection Group proudly serve private citizens, attorneys and businesses Statewide across North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and many other states. NC Private Investigator License #2664. Reciprocal with California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (Issued by NCPPSB and NCDPS).

  • Armed Registration for Private Investigator. Issued by NC PPSB and NCDPS
  • NC Concealed Weapons Permit for over 30 years
  • American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, AED, and Auto Injector
  • US Passport
  • NC Notary Public
  • Member of USCCA – United States Concealed Carry Association
  • SCALI – South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators
  • COAL – Coalition of Association Leaders
  • ASIS – Member of American Society for Industrial Security
  • USCCA – Member of United States Concealed Carry Association
  • DAV – Member of the Disabled American Veterans

Operate your business without fear—bring in the workplace protection specialists.

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Why Choose Us?

NC Private Investigator License #2664. Reciprocal with California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia (Issued by NCPPSB and NCDPS)

Serving Throughout North Carolina, Virginia & Florida

We proudly serve a diverse clientele, including private citizens, attorneys, businesses etc. and are ready to initiate your case in North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, and many other states.