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Have you received an order of alimony and need a Co Habitation Surveillance Investigation as part of your divorce settlement?

We also specialize in Missing Persons & Locates for Alimony, also known as spousal support, is necessary for some people. Alimony is paid above child support and helps the low-earning spouse reach their daily living expenses, but some people try to take advantage of the law and commit spousal support fraud.

Alimony can be a double edged sword- 

If you suspect your ex-spouse is committing spousal support fraud, our investigators can help. Our team of veteran investigators can collect HD Video from surveillance , background documentation, and court admissible evidence to help reduce – or stop – alimony payments.

Until recently, reducing or stopping alimony payments was difficult. But a new bill was passed differing state to state however it is a bill that implemented long-overdue changes to the Alimony Law that leveled the playing field as it relates to cohabitation. Per the new law, even if the one receiving alimony is in a relationship with someone who maintains a separate residence, it is still possible to prove cohabitation and revoke the alimony you have paid as a violation of the divorce agreement.

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Standards for Cohabitation:

A court may suspend or terminate alimony if the payee cohabitates with another person. Pursuant to the law, cohabitation involves an intimate, mutually supportive personal relationship in which a couple has undertaken privileges and duties that are commonly associated with marriage or civil union, but does not necessarily maintain a single common household.

When assessing whether cohabitation is occurring or not, the court will consider the following:

  1. Intertwined finances, including joint bank accounts and other joint liabilities or holdings;
  2. Sharing or joint responsibility for living expenses;
  3. Recognition of the relationship in the couple’s family and social circle;
  4. Living together, frequency of contact, duration of the relationship, and other indicia of a mutually supportive and intimate personal relationship;
  5. Sharing in household chores;
  6. Whether the recipient of alimony received an enforceable promise of support from another person within the meaning of subsection h. of R.S.25:1-5 (“palimony”); and
  7. All other relevant evidence.

In evaluating whether cohabitation is occurring and if alimony should be terminated or suspended, the court will also consider the length of the relationship. A court may not find an absence of cohabitation solely on the grounds that the couple does not live together on a full-time basis.

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