Litigation Support & Intel

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Private Eyes, Inc. can assist you in Identifying and gathering trustworthy and comprehensive evidence leading you to successful litigation and dispute resolution. Private Eyes, Inc. uses covert and overt techniques to find the key facts that will win clients their cases. Applying the highest ethical standards, Private Eyes, Inc. ensures that the evidence gathered will withstand legal examination.

Our litigation support services have successfully provided clients suffering from frauds, corruption cases and intellectual property infringements with the expertise and resources to efficiently gather the intelligence and evidence needed for a positive outcome.

Our Licensed Investigators work closely with law firms and businesses from a variety of industries and jurisdictions; providing them with the following services:

  • Evidence and intelligence gathering through in-depth background checks
  • Provision of surveillance teams gathering visual and audio evidence
  • Fraud and misconduct investigations
  • Asset tracing and pre-litigation profiling
  • Digital forensics and evidential examination
  • Debtor, witness and counter-party tracing
  • Defensive research on adversary witnesses
  • Investigating and obtaining proof of Intellectual Property infringements
  • Assessment of financial status of debtors and counter-parties
  • Formal witness, suspect, co-conspirator and whistle-blower interviews
  • Data analysis and document interrogation

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