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Criminal Investigations

Suspect foul play in a criminal case? Worried about insufficient evidence? Reach out to Private Eyes, Inc.

Forensic Investigations

A forensic accounting investigation aids the victims of fraud or financial crimes. Also known as financial

Due Diligence Investigations

A due diligence investigation is the examination of a company’s management, finances, performance,

Litigation Support & Intel

Our litigation support services have successfully provided clients suffering from frauds, corruption

Employee Screening Services

Private Eyes, Inc. can help you avoid problems and save money. Background checks

Financial Investigations

We can also locate assets for judgment enforcement, estates, pre and post litigation. We can help lawyers

Missing Persons & Locates

Serving our clients faithfully for 25 years our experienced agents do the job better and faster. You can trust

Automobile Locates – Skip Tracing

In basic terms, skip tracing (or skip locating) is the act of finding someone who has left

Process Serving

The title “process server” is one that those in the legal field know all about, and those outside of the legal business probably have little to no understanding

Workplace Protection Services

ave a questionable employee on your payroll? Worried about potential security breaches? Private Eyes, Inc.

Cell Phone Forensics

Check your child’s cell phone or spouses phone for troublesome activity. Check to see if you are being tracked or monitored.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) – Bug Sweeps

Private Eyes, Inc. can assist you with what you cannot see

Executive Protection

When you need a group of professionals to look after you and your family, you need the NC Protection Group. We offer close protection

Surveillance Operations

Surveillance is one way you can stay secure. It gives you the facts and proof you need about the people you trust with your home, children

Domestic Investigations – Cheating Spouses

If you have any reason to suspect your loved one of having an affair, you need to take action quickly. Private