TSCM – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Corporate spying and listening in on what is supposed to be “secured communication” has grown leaps and bounds in the past 10 years.   The concerns are real and the need to stop this unwanted eavesdropping is a must.


Every day, important discussions about the direction of your company, annual budget meetings, human resources issues, mergers, stocks and other vital topics are dealt with in areas or in ways that they should be protected.  Yet, social media and do it yourself stores are making it easy to purchase, make, and plant devices that will go undetected to listen to or video record your confidential meetings.  What are you doing to safeguard yourself, your clients, your employees, and the future?  Law enforcement officials are not trained, prepared, or available to help with these types of cases except on the highest government levels.  So…what can you do?

First, be proactive.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Protect areas where sensitive information is discussed.  For example, are your blinds closed?  Are the dry erase boards clean?  Are your passwords sticky notes on the desk or computer monitor?  All of these things are part of TSCM or Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.


Second, contact a professional.  The equipment required to do a proper Technical Surveillance Counter Measures inspection can range from $85k-$150k and the training can take months to complete and years to become proficient with.  Contacting a professional and having a consultation or inspection may be warranted based on your threat level and the importance of the potential loss.  Who would want your information and how much damage would it do if it was compromised?


Third, determine your exposure.  Whether you are a retail location and worried about hidden cameras in changing rooms, a fortune 500 company discussing trade secrets or somewhere in between…your exposure could bankrupt your company.  Some companies will schedule regular inspections before important meetings or as part of their proactive approach.


A TSCM inspection consists of overlapping, redundant, inspections and analyzing of both the seen and unseen.  Sounds being transmitted, signals being sent, and video being captured, are just some of the pieces to the puzzle.  There is also thermal imaging and black light inspections, along with phone lines, line of sight, and target hardening suggestions.  A proper inspection should leave you with a piece of mind and a report with ideas on how to become better prepared.


We at the North Carolina Protection Group have licensed, insured professionals with years of experience to lend a hand.  With a network of agents that can respond nationally, and top of the line Technical Surveillance Counter Measures equipment from the leading companies in the industry, we are the team for you.  Call today or visit www.ncprotectiongroup.com


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