Corporate Theft Investigations in Virginia

Corporate Theft Investigations in Virginia is rising. No matter how much money you throw at the latest security hardware, CCTV software, or highly-trained security guards, your company may still experience employee theft. For the vast majority of businesses, sadly, the greatest threats when it comes to losing assets are individuals working under the very same roof. So much so that 90% of thefts from workplaces come at the hands of the employees themselves. This makes preventing corporate theft a priority, so how can a corporate private investigator assist?

To prevent corporate theft effectively, it helps to keep in mind that it comes in many forms. A bad actor or two among your seemingly dedicated team may make off with money or inventory, certainly. But the thing they steal could just as equally be sensitive customer data, intellectual property, or even time itself. Whichever risk looms largest at your place of business, a corporate private investigator can assist with both prevention and damage mitigation. Read on to discover how.

Proactively Preventing Corporate Theft

The price tags that come with various tactics to prevent corporate theft may seem prohibitive but studies suggest that they are well worth the investment. To look at the example of employee fraud, researchers found that companies that invest in fraud prevention tend to spend 42% less on fraud responses such as litigation, fines, and penalties. A private corporate investigator is an ideal ally to minimize the possibility of future thefts. Preventing those bad actors from entering your place of employment in the first place is inevitably rewarding when it comes to reducing employee theft risk. A private corporate investigator is uniquely poised to perform comprehensive background checks because their licensure grants them access to many of the same databases used by law enforcement.

Another excellent strategy for preventing corporate theft is ensuring that corporate culture is strong and thriving. Unhappy employees soon become disgruntled ones who may justify to themselves decisions such as bolstering their pay through embezzlement or simply turning a blind eye to a colleague engaged in inventory theft. To get a clear sense of your current corporate culture standing, speak to a Private Eyes Inc.  corporate theft investigator in Virginia, North Carolina or Florida about the investigatory and remedial elements within a Corporate Culture Audit.

Damage Control From a Corporate Private Investigator

When a theft has already occurred—or even a pattern of employee theft emerged—a corporate private investigator will make quick work of illuminating the facts and nipping ongoing thievery in the bud. They alone can conduct an expert investigation that is entirely free from the legal risk of bias that comes with colleagues investigating each other.

Not only can showcasing zero-tolerance by enacting a swift assisted corporate theft investigation address the issue at hand, but it can also help to shift culture and safety in the workplace for the better. Nearly 60% of companies that conduct a diligent investigation end up in a better place in the long run, and those that combine all of the tactics above will be able to enjoy not only reduced threat risk and a more secure working environment but also an associated boost to productivity, team cohesion, and bottom line.

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