Brian McCormick

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Brian McCormick is Former Senior Special Agent U.S. Customs Service Homeland Security Investigations Export-Import Bank of the US.

Brian McCormick is a retired as senior criminal investigator from the Export-Import Bank of the
United States (EXIM Bank). EXIM Bank is the Official Export Credit Agency (ECA) of the
United States. As a Senior Special Agent at the EXIM Bank’s Office of the Inspector General,
Mr. McCormick conducted international trade-based financial fraud investigations involving
bank fraud, money laundering, and false claims. These fraudulent activities were typically
committed against EXIM Bank’s export credit insurance and loan guarantee programs.

Mr. McCormick grew up in Portland, Oregon and attended Montana Tech of the University of
Montana, where he played college basketball and graduated with a degree in Public Policy. He
has a diverse military and law enforcement background and speaks English, German, and
Spanish. Prior to commencing his law enforcement career, Mr. McCormick served as an officer
with the US Coast Guard for 13 years where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander after
various postings in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

Mr. McCormick began his federal law enforcement career with the U.S. Customs Service in San
Juan, Puerto Rico in 1999 and worked with several other US Government agencies in a wide
capacity of investigatory positions. Two positions included tours as a Homeland Security
Investigations (HSI) Attaché at U.S. Embassies located in the Caribbean and Germany.

Mr. McCormick’s investigative background includes conducting a number of complex
investigations which involved money laundering, kleptocracy, senior official corruption,
narcotics, and international financial fraud. Several of his investigations involved corrupt
foreign officials in Africa, East Asia, and the Caribbean, ultimately leading to high profile
prosecutions and the recovery of millions of dollars’ worth of illicit proceeds.

Examples of Mr. McCormick’s investigative work include prosecutions of the former President of
Taiwan, the incarceration of a high-ranking Swiss Bank Official, infiltration of the Colombian
North Coast Cartel which ultimately led to the seizure of 2264 kilograms of cocaine and 13
subsequent arrests. This included the successful extradition of cartel kingpin Alberto Orlandez Gamboa to the United States. A Foreign Corruption Practice Act (FCPA) investigation involved
the arrest of the former Prime Minister of Turks and Caicos Islands and where the Department of
Justice (DOJ) obtained a $12 million settlement with Sandals/Beaches Resorts. Mr. McCormick’s
investigative work also included a $41 million export trade financing fraud that led to the
conviction of six individuals with the organization leader receiving a 12-year sentence.

McCormick has given presentations for the DOJ on Kleptocracy and Money Laundering
Investigations to international law enforcement audiences throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and
the Caribbean.