Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Safety Tips

Hiliday Safety Tips – Keep Your Family Safe During the Holidays: The holiday season is a time of joy, giving, and creating cherished memories with our loved ones. However, it’s also a time when we need to remain vigilant to ensure our family’s safety. As you prepare to celebrate the holidays, here are some essential […]

Is it legal for a Private Investigator to use GPS Tracking?

GPS Tracker

Is it legal for a Private Investigator to use GPS Tracking? Private investigators, often referred to as “private eyes,” play a Vital Role in assisting individuals, businesses, and law enforcement in uncovering the truth. One tool that has become increasingly popular in the investigative world is GPS tracking. However, the legality of using GPS tracking […]

Infidelity at the office

Infidelity at the office

Infidelity is a painful and devastating experience for anyone to go through, and the suspicion of a cheating spouse can be emotionally crippling. While it’s important to approach such situations with sensitivity and care, sometimes seeking the truth becomes necessary. If you suspect your spouse of infidelity at their workplace, hiring a private investigator can […]

Private Investigator for Surveillance

Protecting your child with evidence by hiring a private investigator for surveillance Winning Child Safety Investigations in a Divorce: A Guide to Protecting Your Case Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process for all parties involved, especially when children are in the picture. Ensuring the safety and well-being of your children during this tumultuous […]

Is Someone Spying on me?

Is someone spying on me?

Many people are asking: Is Someone Spying on me? This BLOG is about Safeguarding Your Privacy. Bug Sweeps and Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures by Private Eyes Inc. Welcome to the official blog of Private Eyes Inc., North Carolina’s leading private investigation agency specializing in bug sweeps, eavesdropping detection, and technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM). In today’s digital […]

Eavesdropping Detection

Eavesdroppting Detection

Do you suspect someone is listening in on your conversations, or videotaping your activities without your permission? Eavesdropping detection will expose if there is someone listening or watching without permission. In today’s technologically advanced world, the threat of unwanted surveillance and espionage is a real concern for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Whether it’s a corporate espionage […]

What is an Asset Search Investigation?

Hidden Asset Investigation

What is an asset search investigation? Asset search investigation is a crucial process that involves locating, identifying, and valuating an individual’s or entity’s assets. Asset search is a complex task that requires specialized skills and knowledge to execute successfully. A private investigator is often the best person to carry out an asset search since they […]

Stop Identity Theft North Carolina

Can a Private Investigator help stop Identity theft in North Carolina and other states? A private investigator can help stop identity theft in North Carolina and other states by using their expertise and resources to identify and track down the person responsible for stealing someone’s identity. Here are some steps that a private investigator might […]

Surveillance in Tampa Florida

Are you searching for Surveillance in Tampa Florida and have Suspicions of a Cheater? Pri Eyes Inc is a full service private investigative firm based in the Tampa Bay and surrounding area. We conduct Surveillance in Tampa Florida and investigations throughout Florida, North Carolina, and Virginia. Well versed in marital infidelity, video surveillance, cyber crimes, social media […]

Infidelity Suspicions In North Carolina

Cheating Spouse North Carolina

Do you have Infidelity Suspicions and are you in North Carolina or Va? Are you worried about your partner not giving you enough attention? Are they not showing the affection they used to show? Or maybe they don’t seem to be interested in you anymore? Or are they being secretive and defensive lately? You can […]