Cell Phone Forensics

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Private Eyes, Inc. can assist you with cell phone data extractions and check for spyware / malware. Check your child’s cell phone or spouses phone for troublesome activity. Check to see if you are being tracked or monitored. Whatever the case, Private Eyes, Inc. is your top choice!

Need to extract, decode and analyze cell phone data fast.

Locked devices, encryption obstacles, web-based applications and accounts, multiple disparate data sources and case backlogs slow down investigations and leave critical evidence undiscovered. Accelerate your findings with market-leading access to the valuable data and insights within devices and from cloud-based sources. With more than 60,000 licenses, UFED technology is trusted in labs around the world to produce defendable evidence and improve investigative outcomes.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Strengthen the case with the most comprehensive forensic data
  • Accelerate investigations to provide same day extraction results
  • Capture and share findings to provide you the answer you need
  • Search for spyware and malicious software

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